Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit 7”

I think that this is the 4th or 5th pressing of it, and from what I can tell they’re going with different covers almost every time.  

I miss Snowing

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good evening!!! kinda bummed this is backwards

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Whoa. The MLA has officially devised a standard format to cite tweets in an academic paper. Sign of the times

McCartney, Brandon. (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD). “If Kanye West Dosent Acknowledge Me Over Twitter And Work With Me On Music, When i see him im going to fuck him in the ass - Lil B.” 24 Oct 2010, 6:31 PM. Tweet. 

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"I love the ducks"


"the anaheim ducks are great"


"quack quack motherfucker!!"


I don’t know what this even means but I laughed

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my dad made a comment about how I should go to the brewery in Shreveport with him and that he wishes I had gotten a fake ID

so I told him “you’re in luck” and showed him my fake and he went “spot on, cool”

dad-approved fake ID swag

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wha hannenin…

wha wha wha hannenin

my biology professor told some girls who talked during his class to “shut the fuck up” and then in the next lecture said “penis” like 3 times

wha hannenin

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Whats Hannenin - Soulja Boy

7,491 plays


Soulja Boy // Whats Hannenin?

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Isaiah Toothtaker as featured on Swallows&Daggers.

I am so fucking jealous


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just got a 90 on a biology test that I missed half of the lectures for

I’m the pretty bitch mayne it is what it is

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The surreal and perverse beauty of Igor Kieryluk’s art.

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RIP Basil Wolverton

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concept: viagra but like… nanomachines…

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